The Gathering by Wundher (August 2022)

August 17th, 2022 @ 5:30pm CST

The Gathering by Wundher (August 2022)
About this event

When was the last time you laughed so hard, ate so good, and drank to your heart’s content, all in the company of amazing women and mothers? Well, you’re in luck! The former “Wundher Moms Meet-Ups,” now called “The Gathering by Wundher,” is back and serving you all the delicious fun!

Imagine treating yourself to a multi-course meal, over a beautiful table, and with other dynamic women. It’s the mini-escape you deserve, absent from spouses, partners, kiddos or just the chaos of life. The goal is simple - eat good food, fellowship with good people, and have an all out good time - FUN - with amazing women and mothers, just like YOU!  

Each month, you will dine amongst some of the finest woman-owned and -led restaurants as their chefs lovingly prepare the best meal you’ve ever had. With wine flowing, cocktails clinking, and plates passing, guests connect and converse, with barely anything off-limits. You’ll mingle with a broad spectrum of women and mothers - fine aunties and god-mothers, some with children, some with grandchildren, and others none of the above - but one thing holds true - we are all badazz women. 

What began as a mere idea among two friends, has evolved into a fun supper club, meeting of the minds, and celebration of women and mothers. And what has sustained this community over the years…is the power of transformative storytelling, which breaks the isolation of women at the table and narrates their individual and collective resilience. These experiences create a ripple effect of connection, comic relief, and camaraderie that inspires the women and mothers across from one another to continue on their path to a thriving life of joy. 

This is “The Gathering by Wundher” and reserve your spot for good food, good fellowship, and good fun!


Ecco on Overton Park
1585 Overton Park Ave
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
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August 17th, 2022 @ 5:30pm CST
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